T&S Brass offers a wide variety of faucets for both commercial and industrial applications. Shop our selection today at SuppliesDepot.com.

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  T&S B-0113 PRE-RINSE & FAUCET 1HL/2HDL  In Stock  $335.95 ea  
  T&S B-123 8"CC PRERINSE FCT  In Stock  $448.12 ea  
  T&S B-0133-B PRE-RINSE & FAUCET W/ BRACKET  In Stock  $365.95 ea  
  T&S B-0155-LN PRE-RINSE ADD-ON FAUCET  In Stock  $62.47 ea  
  T&S B-0220-LN 8" D/M FAUCET L/ SPOUT  In Stock  $123.97 ea  
  T&S B-0230-LN 8" W/M FAUCET L/ SPOUT  In Stock  $118.85 ea  
  T&S B-0300-LN FAUCET LESS NOZZLE  In Stock  $125.00 ea  
  T&S B-0665-BSTR SS FAUCET W/ VB & PAIL HK  In Stock  $133.20 ea  
  T&S B-1110-LN FAUCET L/ NOZZLE  In Stock  $79.90 ea  
  T&S B-1115-LN WALL MOUNT FAUCET 4"  In Stock  $120.00 ea  
  T&S B-2223 PRE-RINSE & FAUCET W/ BRACKET  In Stock  $384.32 ea  
 1 - 11 of 11 Items
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