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Real testimonials from our great customers!!

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"Could not be happier! I was desperately in need of parts for a commercial water heater. You realized the urgency of my situation. I was promised the parts overnight at 3PM on Friday afternoon. At 9AM Saturday FedEx was at my door. Thank You!!!" - Jeff S.


"I recently purchased 4 Juno track light fixtures and several matching bulbs from you. I found the products I was looking for at your store via Google. I had a question re: bulbs and wrote to customer service, expecting a reply a day or two later. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from Jonathan within an hour. As it turned out, your company had only two of the four fixtures in stock. Jonathan said he would check with the manufacturer and once again I was so pleased with his prompt response. It was decided that I would purchase the two in-stock and that he would order two additional fixtures. When my package arrived however, I noticed that despite the same labeling on all four boxes, two were older models with glass lenses on them."

"The two newer models did not have the lens. I've used both kinds in the past and did not want the older models. I called Jonathan immediately and he remedied the situation right away. He could not have been nicer or more helpful. It seems like the majority of the time, calling customer service is dicey at best. I usually get put on hold for a very long time, get someone that doesn't know what they're talking about or is as disinterested as a person could be. My experience was exactly the opposite and I just had to tell you. My husband and I are small business owners and so we understand & appreciate the importance of excellent customer service. Jonathan provided just that. It's my hope that this letter will become part of his permanent personnel file. :) I will pass on your info to any friends who will be in the market for lighting! Thank you for an excellent experience." - Mary Lou


"Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your quick reply...a really good sign of true customer support which, unfortunately, is in short supply these days. Kudos to you and your entire organization. My grandson in San Antonio called to say he found one there and will purchase and drive it up to me this weekend. It will be nice to se him and get the part as well. I will definitely keep Supplies Depot in mind for my future needs and will recommend you to friends. Again, thank you for your rapid response and offer of help." - Allen


"Jonathan, thank you again for getting those parts together for me. The furnace is back up and running smooth just in time for the cold weather to return! Best Regards" - Darrell R Hoefler of Cincinnati, Ohio


"I wanted to thank you for all your help! The part arrived today. I would like your supervisor to know how helpful you were, or whom ever needs to know this, I am a very pleased customer that Jonathan assisted! Thank you again." - Janet Frimml of Iowa City Iowa


"Hey Bob - just wanted to let you know - finally got the part out here in the Bahamas, got it installed, and now I have HOT WATER!!!! Yea! Thanks for all the help, dealing with billing etc. Get your boss to give you a raise!!! - Brian 


"Hello, Jonathan I wanted to say thank you for a quick response as to the parts I need to repair the leaking heat exchanger for my Navien model NR-210(A). I think I found the site where I can trust to buy the parts I need for all my repairs. This site is awesome!! I'll definitely be back!! Thank you, - John 


"Thanks for your "above and beyond" help today over the phone Jonathan. I'm glad I purchased the correct part, but it helped that you assisted me in confirming that it was the correct purchase for my system. I look forward to using you all (and referring you all) in the future! Blessings, - Gabe 


"I wanted to tell you guys what a fantastic job you did with my order. Received it quicker than I thought possible and packaged perfectly. Keep up the professional work. -Robert Gustafson 


"I recently called to cancel an order..... JONATHAN was wonderful! He listened patiently to my dilemma and offered to help in many ways. Throughout our many conversations, he was patient, kind, personable and professional. He did not charge restocking or return fees. THIS WAS THE VERY BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED FROM AN ON-LINE COMPANY! Two thumbs up and five stars!!! -Michelle Davis Phillipsburg, NJ 


"Ok, I ordered two.There are a lot of sites that sell shower heads but I can’t imagine anyone being faster and more helpful. Thanks Bob!"-George


"Good Morning Jonathan; The expedited parts arrived Wednesday (my day off - perfect timing!) and I was able to install them without issue. The unit heated right up and has maintained a comfortable hot temperature ever since. Just like new! I tested the elements with a volt meter and they checked out just fine. Having spares on hand is just fine with me. Anyway, I could not have done it without your help. Thank you for your time and efforts and for carrying original Bradford White replacement parts."- Glen Brunston

"The personal service I received on the phone was outstanding-I thought I might have ordered the wrong pc board for my Navien CR240 but the gentleman was patient, explained that it was an updated part. The new parts resurrected my Navien and worked perfectly the first time.  His courtesy on the phone and the reliability of the parts would make me want to recommend SuppliesDepot to anyone." - Richard Phillips

"I just made my first two purchases from you and your service is fantastic. Your staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks to Steve and Jonathan. I will be using you again." - Ernie F.

"Good Morning Bob;  Thanks for the part numbers!  I placed the order on your site.

Thanks for making it so easy!"  - Jerry


"I wanted to thank you for getting my Navien Tankless parts out so fast.  I believe it was past the cut off time noted on the web site when I placed the order but you were still able to get them overnighted. I thank you and my tenants really thank you!!!" - Kyle


"YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!! Your attention to this has SAVED us and our tenants will be thrilled to have the problem fixed!!!! Can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatly appreciated"- Albert K.


"Wow. That's a fast response Bob. We consumers really appreciate that. I'll order tomorrow." - Mason C.